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Toxic Relationships


Through out the lockdown both one and two, l develop a really unhealthy relationship with Darrell Lee Mint Balls.

They are SOOOOO Good!

There are so many things that are great about them.  The taste, the shell, the way that they fit perfectly into your mouth, and the nice minty fresh taste that they leave in your mouth.

All they did was bring me joy.

But the joy didn’t last.

The flow-on effect on the minty goodness was not helping me reach any of my goals that l had set at the start of the year.  In fact, the balls were doing the reverse.

The relationship which l thought was great, was actually a very toxic and unhealthy one that l had formed.

Standing in front of the pantry, falling into the dark hole of the unknown, not realizing how many balls l was having - losing count of the weekly then the daily intake.

The ball situation, may me stop and think.  ‘Is this really a healthy place for me to be?’  ‘Why l am really eating the balls of goodness?’

The real reason was l wanted to escape what was really going on in the present, l wanted the balls to take me away, to make me feel good.

Was this happening? Yes.

Was it for the best?  No.

I had to stop myself, l had to break up with my balls.  I couldn’t move forward with my goals until l was free of the balls.

So l did, was it easy, no it was very hard - l missed them, l missed everything about them.  But l knew for me it was the right thing to do.

I look back at my relationship with the balls, and think ‘gee it was a good one, but man those balls did some damage.’

Hindsight is a funny thing, we are so much braver to comment on different situations once we have lived through them.  And definitely much wiser to comment on other people’s lives on the toxic relationships that they are in. 

Sometimes you never know how toxic someone is in your life until they are gone, and the dust has settled.  You take a look back and see, ‘Wow, that really wasn’t good, or l have grown from this relationship and moved forward with my life and my goals.’

Leaving a toxic relationship can go either way, it can be hard, or it can be easy.  With me and my balls, it was an easy decision as l knew they weren’t going to help me move forward, only slow me down.

At the end of the day, you need to make the right decision for you, and only you can make it.  It’s all about doing what’s right by you.

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