Holistic Movement

A safe space for people who are ready and willing to unlock and go deep and find out why they are unable to achieve their goals.

Working within your unconscious mind to reprogram, unlock, and let go of any past trauma that no longer serves them.

What is NLP?



The physical components as well as the mental and emotional components of our neurology



Linguistics pertains to the language that you use, and more specifically, how you communicate with others and more importantly, how you communicate with yourself



Perceiving your mind as your internal operating system, Programming is the way our past experiences, thoughts, and emotions affect all areas of our lives

Who is a Holistic Session for?

  • Anyone who has been dealing with constant failure when it comes to health and fitness

  • Anyone who is ready and wants to make a deeper change

  • Anyone who is ready to move forward

  • Anyone who is wanting to make lasting changes

What does the session look like?


The session is structured for either 45mins or 60mins.

The session starts with a breathwork session, taking the time to slow down and relax into what is ahead.

From there, there is a chat about what the client wants to work on.  About what is holding them back, what they would like to change, and what they would like to let go of.  Then taking the time to work through what is required in the session using the NLP technique that serves them the best.

After the NLP work is done, the movement session starts.  The movement component can range from mobility, to rehab, to strength work.

The movement component is just as important as the NLP as we need to move the emotions that have just come up and keep the body flowing.


There is no lock-in contract or sessions that you have to lock into.  The sessions will be weekly until the client is ready to move on.


Please note - this is a coaching session to help coach you not a therapy session.


Investment; $80 for 45mins $100 for 60mins