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About Us

We are a family business that prides itself on being able to allow people to become their best selves.


With over 25years combined experience in the fitness industry and being in operation since 2011 we have grown into a strong, vibrant community that focuses on good quality movement and having fun.


We value growth, humility, balance, accountability and most of all, integrity. We deliver high quality coaching with current research and methods under-pinning our sessions.


Starting in our small single-car garage with only a handful of clients Bon has spent her share of cold mornings and stifling afternoons coaching and building clients stronger. As we’ve grown Josh has joined the coaching team and between us we deliver the sessions.


As time has progressed we have been able to expand in to a new purpose-built facility that enables us to focus on the core fundamentals of lifting, carrying and breathing in a controlled environment that is not prone to the weather.


As part of our holistic approach to training we have also added Wellness Coaching.


The team at Complete Health are always happy to help, so if you would like to know more then please reach out.   




Bonnie, Josh, Isabel & Sophie 

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