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We take our first breath to start life and we take our last breath when life ends - the breath is always with us, let's learn to use the breath to our advantage.

Coach Bon

Private or Group Sessions

Take the time for yourself or share the experience with others.

Personal and Corporate bookings available 

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What are the health benefits of Breathwork?

When we breathe oxygen comes into our bodies, and then the oxygen gets distributed to our cells through our bloodstream. Doing regular breathwork sessions the distribution increases leaving you with more energy throughout the day.


Breathwork also improves H.R.V (Heart Rate Variability) which then lessens stress in your body.

Breathwork sessions can change over the central nervous system (CNS) from flight or fight to rest and digest or flow - this then, in turn, allows the body to start to heal physically and emotionally.

Shifting your emotional state is another benefit of using daily breathwork practice. Breathwork helps to close down the unconscious or monkey mind allowing deeper healing and or transformation to begin.


The only way to truly understand the benefits is to give Breathwork a try and whatever the intention that you set for the practice is what you will receive.


What does Breathwork help with?


Stress, feeling overwhelmed, feeling out of control, loss of love, lack of self-love, letting go, anxiety, lack of energy, creating the space to be able to go within and truly discover yourself - only to name a few.


It is up to you how deep you want to go with your practice if you give yourself permission you will have the opportunity to connect with your inner child, increase your spiritual awareness, and peel back layers of negativity that have been holding you back. The practices provide a space for you to explore and connect with your inner guide, it provides you with pure moments of clarity to ask any questions you want answers to.

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