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Social media does my head in!!!

In so many ways!

Post; build your business, but stay off-screen time, stay off the socials as they can have a negative impact on you mentally. Be authentic with what you post but watch who you follow as they can be nothing but filters.

If there was ever a time for the saying ‘what is a blessing is a curse’ could be more accurate than this is the time!

How much time do you spend on socials, let’s be honest?

The average time spent on socials according to Mr. Google is 2hrs and 24mins and that’s for adults. For teenagers, it is 3hrs and 17mins.

Are you spending more or less?

The funny this about this blog post is the fact that you are likely reading through one of our social platforms right now.

In the last 6mths l have had an EPIC clean out of my socials. I muted, unfollow anyone or anything that wasn’t serving me.

What do l mean by serving me? I mean that anyone or anything that l can across that didn’t bring a positive energy l simply cut them off. What about FOMO, what about FOMO, am l really missing out not seeing butt shot or seeing someone who is trying to sell me something that l will most likely never use.

When was the last time you clean out your socials?

Or do you have what is called the ‘Insta Flu’?

The Insta Flu is where you have nothing but toxic images and posts coming up in your feed. And the toxic images and posts are making you sick. The posts are dragging you down, not lifting you up and making you feel good about yourself.

People only let you see what they want you to see on socials.

Are they really living their truest life or if they post about how they want to live then maybe they will believe that they are living that way?

I do LOVE a good reel tho, l like others can get lost in the moment watch reels. Especially animal ones, they are just so funny. I was also a fan of Funniest Home Videos even tho my sister used to laugh so loud while watching them.

I have to manage my time on the reels because l know how easy it is to get lost in reel land. I have set boundaries around my usage, as those to who l send the reels will know and understand.

Do you have guidelines around your social usage?

Or do you just go with the flow?

How do you feel about what you see on socials?

For me, l believe it is a love/hate relationship. But the socials are part of our business moving forward….

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