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How do you start? Where is start for you? The other week in our CHPT monthly Mindstate session that is offered to our members and clients I spoke about starting and seeing as though it is the start of the year it seems fitting that I do a little blog post about it. We ourselves are the

Starting Vs Perfection

ones who put pressure on ourselves to make the starting perfect.

What is perfect what does perfect mean to you and how do you measure perfection in your life? We all know how to start we all know where to begin and we all know that our bodies are truly capable of moving. So really at the end of the day, it is in our bodies that are stopping us from the beginning it is a mind state.

Let me just touch on perfection again. It is such an interesting concept being perfect for you being perfect for others but really are you being perfect for yourself or are you more worried about what other people are going to think and what other people are going to say.

Does that make being perfect not about you anymore? Let me ask you this question who are you being perfect for? When did you allow perfection to come into your life? And do you feel like it still serves you to this day? Is being perfect positive in your life right now or is it a negative?

Do you allow to let yourself to let being perfect go? What would happen to you if you started something and it wasn't perfect? Would you stop or would you keep going?

How do you not know that it is perfect when you start? Starting in the beginning and it is so easy to look back at the beginning when you're midway through or even nearly at the end and look back and think wow that's how I started!

What is the best way to start? Anyway is the best way to start that's going to work for your family work for your lifestyle. There are many ways to make it work it's just whether you choose to allow it or if you want it to happen.

One of the main reasons that things never get started especially in the exercise world because of fear of failure scared of the unknown scared of getting better scared that you may not get better scared that it's gonna be hard. But as I say if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

So what is the best way to start, see as tho you have read this far as it's time to put a game plan in place?

The first step is to find out where your start is. Your start is different from anyone else's. You are you and you need to do you. Well, social media is great and can be positive and can be motivating you are not the people that you see online. Always remember that they only show you the highlight reel they never show you what it's truly like.

Your start could be in so many different places you'll start could be walking around the block talking to a friend putting making an appointment in your schedule. It could be finding a space That you feel comfortable moving. Or it could be just as simple as journaling down your goals and what you want to achieve.

Only you can take the first step, only you can be accountable for your actions, you do you have the power within you to make anything happen. Write it down because thinking about it it's just a dream not reality and I'm sorry to say it won't come true.

Be proud of where you starting and how you're starting. Cut yourself some slack on being perfect, Be proud of being you because that's all you can be.

If you want to lean into starting or find out a little bit more and how you can start yourself or even reframe the way you think about starting send me an email or send me a message I'll be more than happy to listen and help you set a game plan that works for you your lifestyle and your surroundings.

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