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Goals.. and You.

Goals and You

are you willing to do to get something that you want?

I ask this question to anyone new that walks through our doors.  It can be quite a confronting question.  What are ‘you’ not me but you willing to do to achieve the goal that you have set out to achieve.  The goal that has driven you to go to Personal Training, the goal that has made you make a decision to go work with someone.

There are some that say, ‘anything, l will do anything.’  Then there are others, ‘well l just need to turn up’ and then there are some who look at you like, ‘ l have to make changes, isn’t that what l am paying you for?’

I love the last one the most!  ‘So, l got a gym membership and now l am going to lose 20kg.’  ‘Oh, man l didn’t read the fine print that said that l have to do the work.’  

Just because you go to a Personal Trainer doesn’t mean you will get the results that you are after.  In fact, you may even achieve a lot more if you let yourself be open and honest.  I know and understand that looking in a mirror, isn’t the easiest thing to do.  I ask the questions again ‘what are you willing to do to help achieve your goal, how much time can you give the goal, how does it look and feel in your lifestyle, will it work just as good in real life as it looks on paper?’

It’s okay not to be ready to make the changes, be aware that there is none to blame but yourself.  The goal of a trainer or a coach is to help guide you, not to tell you how to live your life.  You can not go on blaming your trainer/coach for not eating enough fruit throughout the day.

Are you willing to make changes in your lifestyle to help reach your goal?  The weather is starting to get warmer, people are off to the beach, having drinks eating ice cream.  Are you willing and wanting to make the smarter choices when you go out, or do you feel like you are missing out?

What you are willing to put in is what you are going to get out.

If you put in 10%, then you will get a 10% result - that’s you putting in.

If your trainer/coach is putting in 10% l would suggest going find another one.  The expectation should be set throughout the first couple of sessions.  Talk to your trainer/coach about what it is that you are really after, they will understand how important to the goal is to you, and what to help you achieve it, BUT remember they can’t do the work for you.

As you sit down to set new goals, and what to make a new direction for yourself, ask yourself ‘what am l willing to give to this?’  I understand that money/budgets must always come into play, it shouldn’t be top of the list.  I’m not saying it shouldn’t be on the list, there are so many other items that come before.

Remember to be kind to yourself, we have all been through a rough patch in 2020, and still going.  Be practical, do some research, most of all, its got to be you - all you wanting to make the changes.

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