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Welcome to

 ClassicCHPT Radio

Revisit weekly chats with the coaches of CHPT,

Bon & Josh.

We discuss health and fitness topics, mindset as well as what's happening in our studio, with our members or anything else that slides across our desk.

We hope you enjoy!

Most recent episodes


Setting the world on fire

May 19th 2020

In today's Podcast Josh and Bon talk about setting the 'world' on fire and have an accountability buddy!


When are we reopening

May 11th 2020

So with restrictions easing slightly the question everyone wants to know is, when are you reopening?


Following through on commitments

May 4th 2020

This week we have a chat about following through on commitments and how completing a project can really improve our mood and outlook


The lockdown continues but so does the podcast

29th April 2020

As restrictions continue we have a chat about finding a purpose for how you want to exit the current restrictions


Are you spending too much time in front of a screen

22nd April 2020

This week we have a chat about screens and the subtle influences they have on our mood, happiness and productivity


Finding the fun in movement

15th April 2020

This week we have a chat about all things happening right now and how incorporating movement into your day and making it fun


Season 2 Episode 13 maybe 14

8th April 2020

Hey guys and girls, after a week off with different routines we return to discuss the state of the world and some sideways conversations about the Tiger King. Enjoy


Our take on the Covid-19

24th March 2020

It’s been a big couple of days in the world of fitness so here’s our take on everything





Covid-19 and our thoughts

17th March 2020

This week we discuss the impacts of Covid-19 and its impacts on the community and the value of still being kind




Planning and why it helps

10th March 2020

This week we have a chat about how we plan for training and for the week.



Weightlifting is here in Gippsland

3rd March 2020

Gippsland weightlifting is ready and open; we discuss some of details of setting up the new space and why we took this next step


Grateful to our Community

25th February 2020

After a testing week it was amazing to see the kindness of our community and how willing people were to roll up their sleeves and for those further away to send a message of support



18th February 2020

This week we talk about the power of language and adding journalling into our days

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Working towards something

11th February 2020

This week we talk about the value of working towards something bigger than normal.


Routines and making it work

4th February 2020

Routines; daily and weekly and making them work for you and your family. Plus the need to adapt as things change

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Listener Question: Supplements

28th January 2020

This week we discuss the importance of keeping it simple when we are starting out on our fitness journey


Keeping it simple

21st January 2020

This week we discuss a question from a listener on our thoughts about Herbalife and pre-workouts

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We're back for 2020

14th January 2020

Today we have a chat about all things that are happening or coming soon to CHPT


It's all learning

17th December 2019

​After the end of big week we reflect on the learnings of not just ourselves but also of our girls.


Surviving the Silly Season

10th December 2019

This week we have a chat about the craziness of the season and how with some planning and organisation you can get through easier


You Control the Spoon

3rd December 2019

This week we discuss ice cream and how we are in charge of our actions not anyone else.


Being Patient

26th November 2019

With the shed extension becoming a drawn out process we share our thoughts on patience and how important it is to remain worried about only those things that you can control

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Beating the Funk

19th November 2019

We have a chat about beating the funk and getting over the flat spots.

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Not all about the win

12th November 2019

This week we chat about winning and the importance of embracing the chance to compete more than the outcome of competition.


Trying something new

29th October 2019

This week we discuss starting something new and the excitement that can bring. With the launch of ‘Fizzy Izzy’ there’s never been a better a time to have a crack at something new


Measuring Success

22nd October 2019

How we measure success, moving from an obvious measurement of a medal of a place to some of the more internal measures like feel and comfort of a performance


All about CHPT, a look at what it's like at CHPT.

15th October 2019

This week Bon flies solo and talks about what it’s like at CHPT, how it got started and what’s coming up next


The Power of Sleep

8th October 2019

This week we discuss one of our favourite topics, sleep.



1st October 2019

How a couple of small changes have made a massive difference in our outlook.


Recovery, what is it and how do we approach it?

24th September 2019

This week Bon and Josh discuss recovery, why it’s so important and how we add it into training and our daily routines.


Planning Ahead

17th September 2019

This week we discuss Josh’s grand final and what happened. Also what are the plans moving forward over the off-season to enable a strong season next year.

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Routines and there importance

10th September 2019

This week we discuss routines and how they play a critical role in our daily lives.

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We're Back, thoughts on our trip

3rd September 2019

Bon & Josh have returned from their trip and share their experiences and thoughts on how to survive travelling as well as sharing a couple of stories.


Prep for Comp Week

13th August 2019

This week we discuss the lead up to a major competition and everything that’s involved for weight management, a successful flight and being ready to tackle the platform


A chat with Barb

6th August 2019

Bon sits down with the famous Barb to talk all things from movement to the grape diet and finding out who her favourite child is...

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Drugs in Supplements

30th July 2019

Given the breaking news across Australia of an elite swimmer being found to have a PED in her system we discuss how this may have been possible to happen.


Reflections from the weekend

23rd July 2019

This week we discuss Bon’s latest comp and how being out of your comfort zone can lead to growth.


Move like you care

16th July 2019

This week we have a chat about moving like you care. It’s easy to not enjoy a movements and complain about it but we should be grateful that we can move


Chasing Balance

9th July 2019

This week we discuss the idea of balance and is it possible to achieve balance? We work to try and keep all elements of our lives on track but often this isn’t possible so what does balance look like for you?

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Client Questions

2nd July 2019

This week we answer of listener questions everything from podcasts to shoes


Being Kind

25th June 2019

This week we have a chat about being kind and taking the time to nice things for others, we’re seeing more and more people in a rush. But slowing down and being kind takes little effort for great rewards


A moment of thanks

18th June 2019

This week Josh reflects on the support and love expressed over the weekend


Inspiration; where can you find it

11th June 2019

This week Bon and Josh discuss inspiration, where to find it and how to make the most of it when you’ve got it.


Listener Questions

4th June 2019

Today Bon and Josh tackle some listener questions, like who is Barb? How do you describe what you do? Why don’t you offer discounts? So enjoy the chat about a few different topics.

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