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Making a decision can be the easiest or the hardest thing that you need to do in a moment. So decisions can be made easier by knowing what is right for you and what you want to achieve. Others well are harder due to fear.

Fear of what?

Fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing what is around the corner, and fear that it may be the wrong decision to make.

Change can be a super scary thing to face head-on. We get so comfortable in what we know, what we do, and how we do it - but yet are we happy with the results that are being produced?

It is okay to end something that isn’t working for you.

BUT, you need to do it on your terms and not because someone has told you to do it.

My husband recently made a joke about how quick l can make decisions. As we were designing our new kitchen, decisions were made on the spot in a moment and we are overjoyed with the outcome. Then it comes to other decisions l need to make about my lifting and it takes me 9mths to build up the courage to lock in my choice.

He asked ‘why can you be so quick on one thing but yet on another it takes soooooo long?’

Because of fear, because of what others might say, because of the uneasy road that is up ahead, because of the pain and hurt l know l will go through. Sometimes it seems easier to hang on and keep forcing something that’s not there but when really it’s a lot harder.

Just because someone tells you to end something because they can see it’s not working doesn’t mean that you have to right there and then. Take your time because the answers will come to you when the time is right.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for an ending or a change coming your way;

  1. Gratitude journal - write down each day three things that you are grateful for, once you start to see the little things the bigger things shine brighter.

  2. Have a great support crew around you, people who you can truly talk to, and who listen.

  3. Be prepared to cry, it is totally ok to cry, it helps will the release and the letting go of the hurt and tension that your body is carrying.

  4. Don’t think that you have to have all the answers in one day, take your time to think things through, and listen to your guts, it will tell you what is right and what is wrong.

  5. Be as brave as you can at the moment, it is easy to look back and think ‘oh l wish l had said that or l wish l had done things differently. Remember you did the best that you could at that moment, you handle the situation the best that you could and if you do look back and wished you had done things differently, it means that you have learnt from the situation and that is a blessing in itself.

  6. It’s ok to hurt but what’s not ok is to push it down and pretend it’s not there. There is no need to act like it doesn’t matter when it does.

Always remember people are going to comment on whatever it is that you do, that’s not on you that’s on them and their behaviour. You only get to live this life once and not living your true life and giving what you want a true crack you are only putting yourself down none else.

Be you, do you!

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