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Frenemy’s Take 2


WOW WOW WOW, what a response to my last blog post!

First, l was surprised that people do read my blogging. Thank you!

Second, my phone blew up!

My phone and messenger had feedback coming in all day.

I am so surprised that so many ladies, yes ladies, still deal with people in their lives that don’t bring them joy. They in fact spend their daily lives with humans that bring them down, aren’t there for them in the true scent but only to gain from them.

My question back to the ladies who messaged me, was ‘why? Why do you spend time with these people?’ ‘Why do you waste energy on them?’

One of the responses l got was ‘I am afraid what will happen if l don’t….!’

I sat for a moment and really thought this over, why are we so scared of missing out on something? Missing out on having drinks? Missing out on the hangover? Missing out on not going for coffee?

Is it because we as humans don’t value ourselves enough or respect ourselves enough to be who we are meant to be?

Let’s break this down. Person A hangs around with person B, PA doesn’t really like the way PB talks about other people and wonders what they will say behind their back once left. PA, still hangs out with PB even tho they can see what their true colours and values are like. PA does this because they are scared that they will miss out on a conversation, that PB is having about some other person that is meant to be their friend.

While this is going on, PA starts to buy a certain type of clothing brand. The reason behind this is so that PB will notice, give a comment and bring a tiny little bit of joy into PA life for a split second. BUT, still knows that Person B, may, or will talk behind her back.


First, this isn’t a healthy relationship with yourself.


They are, they are the ones missing out on what a good human, with great values, acts like and believes in. Just because your values don’t aline doesn’t mean you have to be rude, it just means that you have respect for yourself not to go down that road with people who will bring you down.

Second, BE YOU, everyone else is taken. What does it matter what you wear? Or how much your clothes cost? Or what car you drive.

Like a client said to me last week after we discussed the topic; ‘l couldn’t care if you lived in a tissue box or a castle, if you don’t make me feel good, then I’m not going to waste my time!’

True people in your life, love you for you, love you because you are a good person. Not because of what you wear, they want you to be part of their lives and not just because ‘it’s the right thing to do’ or ‘we better invite her..’

It is more than ok, to have people change in your friend groups. People are like ships they come and go, they do come into your life for a reason, most of the time to learn a lesson from. Keep learning, keep growing and keep loving life.

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