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How much time are you willing to give?

Time to master your craft

There has been so much excitement going on in our house lately.

We have recently renovated our kitchen. Nothing to fancy, no huge changes but we do have some beautiful new cabinets and a stunning island.

One of our friends came to help put the new kitchen in. He is a cabinet maker by trade but he is also a craftsman. I watched as he would look at the product, touch, and then say how much the door or the shelf was out by. He would then grab his tape measure to double-check and sure enough, he was right.

It has taken him years and years to get to this point in his craft, he values his work as we value his knowledge.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft, then why is it when people start out on a new exercise or weight loss they expected to have the results right away or have dropped 5kg in the first week?

Or someone goes on a 5km run, but aren’t happy that they didn’t get a sub 25min time - but yet it was their first run.

I also recently celebrated another year of being alive, l watched as all the flowers came through the door. The works of art put together by our local florist. This is also someone who has mastered their craft, someone who has put the hours in, started by sweeping floors learning from the bottom up.

Taking time to learn and grow into the skill that you want to learn will give you the best results later on down the track.

In today’s society, we live a fast pace life, social media makes it out that you can have the craft mastered before even starting the craft.

Doing a quick 6-week course will get you started but you need to be ready to have the life-time to learn and grow. And being ok to suck along the way, take feedback, and be grateful that someone cares enough to give you advice.

I have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years now, and l am still willing to learn, still willing to ask questions. In fact, it is my favorite part of the industry that l work in. I always get to learn new things, work on my craft, which then l can pass on.

Let me ask you this, when you chose to start something new, how many hours are you willing to give the task at hand? Then what will your expectations be?

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