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Healthy Changes.

Small changes.

How do you get people excited about making a healthy change in their lives?

That’s the 64million dollar question!

There are so many fitness challenges, wellbeing challenges, tablets to take, and quick fixes that the marketers of the products make you believe will solve all your problems. When really they won’t.

There are many books that have been written, many podcasts that have been made with simple solutions on how to help others make healthy changes in their lives.

While it’s great to have all of these tools at the tips of your fingers, what it all comes down to is the person who really wants to make the change.

The person who knows that wants to make the change over the person who knows that they need to.

Before making a comment or placing judgement on another person, how about taking a few steps in their shoes. See what their life is really like, see what they are dealing with from day to - day. It might not seem so easy to make a change when you see and feel what is really going on.

Simply telling someone to ‘get over it’ or ‘time to move on’ isn’t the right way to go about it. To tell someone how they should be feeling over how they are truly feeling isn’t the greatest thing to do either.

What seems easy for someone might seem super hard for another. Walking into a gym may seem like a really simple task to do, while for another walking into a gym make seem like the end of the world is coming.

Keeping all of this in mind, while being a coach, a trainer, how you l as a person wearing these hats help to get people excited by making small healthy changes?

It’s like leading a horse to water. All l can do is show love and kindness and listen.

No matter what package l sell through the business, or how l market it, or what deals l do, this is not going to help the person make the changes deep down that they want to make.

The client needs to be ready in their own time for true success to happen.

This doesn’t mean l write them off, it means that being the coach l encourage not tell, ask how they are feeling about different issues, and not to have an opinion on what they are feeling, because it is their feeling and they are allowed to feel that.

The right people will find CHPT, the people who we are meant to work with, and that’s not everyone, and we are not for everyone - there is nothing wrong with that either. I learnt a long time ago, l can’t help everyone, my clients need to put their hands up and ask.

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