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A few weeks ago l learnt that the term ‘Frenemy’ was real and not something in the movies.

I seriously thought that the term was made up, and surely not real in real life.

Guess what, l am not happy to say that l was wrong.

I was chatting with a friend about the actions of a person because l wasn’t understanding where that person was coming from. My friend’s response was ‘oh they are frenemies!’

I had no idea what she was talking about.

Then my dear friend went on to explain to this 40year old lady what a frenemy was.

The google definition is; a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry. For those following along at home.

The way that the definition was explained to me was, they don’t like the person, they just want to know what that person is up to, why they are doing so that either A) they can do it too, or B) they can go talk about the person behind their back.

My head was SPINNING - is this really a real thing, it took me a good two weeks to get my head around it.

Whereas adults have we gone so wrong, so wrong is wasting our personal energy. Every time l thought about this ‘frenemy’ thing all l could think about was ‘what a waste of energy!’

Why do people think that is ok to be nice to someone’s face pretend to be best friends and then go and talk negatively about them. These are actions that l thought only happened in high school, why do people think that these actions are okay as an adult?

Our little ones have got it right, you don’t make me feel good so I’m not going to play with you today.

I am not a life coach, nor do l want to be one, I am happy to work with clients in regards to setting goals, and understanding their why. Or just listen to a client talk about what’s going on in their personal lives. I believe our clients have the answers and it’s my job to help guide them to find the answers.

Finding personal answers while setting personal goals are hard enough as it is, why would you want to spend energy on people that don’t make you feel good or bring you joy?

People in your life should make you feel good, should give you a high five when you achieve greatness or tick a goal off your list. They shouldn’t care about what you wear, what kind of car you drive, or if you aren’t up with the latest tv show.

You turn into the top five people that you hang around with the most. You take on their qualities, their characteristic, and sometimes even the way that they speak.

Be around people who bring you up, not around people who just want to know what’s going on in your life and don’t care about you.

Life is TOO short, to waste time and energy on people who don’t lift you up!

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