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Accountability Buddies

Over the last lockdown, our little business put together a challenge for our members/clients.  Sitting and working out the details, thinking about what would work, what wouldn’t work, and what the main goal of the challenge would be.

The main goal over the second lockdown was to keep people moving.  We know and understand that not everyone ‘loves’ the screen to do workouts with, and we know that people don’t want to have to ‘log-on’ again and again.

What’s the simplest thing that we can offer, and that was walking.  Still, to do this day, even after the business has been open and running for just nearly 10 years, the Step Challenge was our most successful challenge to get people moving.

Each week our team would log their steps, either by email, text message, and some on a piece of paper.  I would add all the steps together then find out how many Kms we have moved as a team, and track our way around Australia. 

It was fun.  I would send an email out to our team each week, talking about the location and what we could do there.  Some would respond with ‘l have been there’ or ‘we can do this’.  It was a lovely way to keep the communication lines open with our members in such an unknown time.

Once the challenge was over, it was put to our members in a vote on our private Facebook page to either keep logging steps or to let it be.  Happy to report most people wanted to keep going.  Now every Sunday, l get messages, emails, and comments made on Facebook in regards to different step counts.

Why did our team want to keep going with the login?   

Because it was another way they could be held accountable for their movement.

Who are you accountable to when it comes to setting goals?

Do you have a buddy?  I have a buddy who l talk to when l am falling off the rails, or when l am lacking in what direction l really want to take.

Do you use an app?  There are so many cool apps out there at the moment, you can track everything that you do, from nutrition to movement, even to sleep.

Do you journal? It may seem a little old fashion these days, but it is just as effective, with getting the words out.

Everyone has a different style that works for them.  I tend to float between the three choices above.  Somedays l like to sit and write, while others l repeat myself 25 times before understanding what l am meant to be learning.  I always thank my accountability buddy at the end, l am truly grateful they listen and that they are honest with me.  There is no point in having a buddy to hold you accountable if they are not going to be truthful with you.

To make reaching your goals a little easier, find a way to help keep you accountable.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or really talk about the reasons why you are falling off the wagon.

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