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‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead.’  I read this quote the other day on the grams, and l remember myself saying it!  Saying it thinking that l was super cool, doing so much ‘stuff’, not missing out on anything.  Even though l was doing so much ‘stuff’ was l being productive?

I am going to say, nope!

Somehow l had gotten into this lifestyle where it was cool, well me thinking that l was cool being so busy.  Maybe it was the busier l was the more important l felt?  Or that fact it gave me bragging rights on how busy l was.  ‘Oh no sorry can’t do that l am too busy’.

Let’s look at the meaning of ‘busy’. 

Busy - ‘having a great deal to do.’  Dictionary off the google machine

Having a great deal to do.  To do, what was l doing?  Was it meaningful, was l contributing to the community, was l ‘to doing’ with love, with passion?  Or was l running from place to place, not even knowing what l was doing?

And what was being busy attracting into my life?  Definitely not being cool or calm but the exact opposite, craziness, and train wrecks. 

So was l really living my fullest life?  I am going to with, Nope again!

I would get to the end of the day, tired, so tired, grumpy, my body would be sore, l couldn’t remember so many of the conversations that l had had that day.  But most importantly, did l achieve anything?

But hang on, l was ‘busy’ all day, l haven’t sat down, l have been here and there and where is my medal for all of this work.  Oh, that’s right, none really cares, but me.

What type of service was l providing to my clients when they were coming in to train?  When l was to ‘busy’ thinking about what was coming next or what l had to do next?  

But what will people say if l sat down through the day, does this mean that I’m not really that ‘busy’?

There is a huge difference between being ‘busy’ and being productive.

REST is huge, and as l get older l am learning how valuable rest can be.  Training as an athlete the greatest recovery tool, is sleep, is to let your body recover and not keep going from one thing to another.

Most of the top athletes l know, lead quite a boring life.  For example on a Saturday night they would rather stay in a do puzzles or catch up with friends while doing a hike and not heading to the pub or staying up late.  Because they understand the value of rest to prepare for the week ahead.

Once l learned the difference between being busy or being productive the way looked at my days changed.  I found that l was became more present, in my work with my family.  I took the time to sit with my girls, to watch movies, to share stories, and to play.

I found that once l started adding in all the new elements of resting, l became more productive.  I had a clearer mind when it came to different tasks and making decisions, and as an athlete is given my body time to recover before my next training session.

I wouldn’t stay you sleep when your dead, l would say rest now and enjoy the quality of life that is on offer, and up to you to grab.

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