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‘I want to do it, but l really can’t be bothered!’

‘I know l should do it, but l just don’t want to.’

‘They make it look easy, l can’t do it as they do.’

‘Why does it feel so hard…’

‘I just don’t have the motivation.’

How often do you hear yourself say these statements above when you are wanting to start something new or make some lifestyle changes.

I hear them from clients all the time.

What l am really hearing is that the client doesn’t value themselves or their bodies.

What else l am hearing is that they are not willing to put themselves first.

Valuing yourself is a hard thing to do when you already have so many different roles to play in your life. From working, being parents, family commitments, and so on.

The question is how do you make the shift?

How do you start to value yourself so that the above statements don’t keep coming up?

Everybody is different and everybody uses a different language to understand things in different ways. What works for one person, may not work for another. It happened to me in training all the time, my Coach will be spending months explaining something to me and l just don’t get it until some random walks past and has a one-liner and l get it.

Finding your language and how you speak to yourself starts with listening to what you are saying now.

Are you using nice words?

Are you be kind to yourself when something goes wrong?

Or do you use horrible words that you wouldn’t say to your Nanna?

If you wouldn’t talk to your Nanna with the language then why do you speak to yourself like that? Would you call your Nanna ugly, dumb or useless?

You yourself are just as important to the world as to how you see your Nanna.

Valuing yourself starts with how you see yourself, now let me ask how do you see yourself? Not the little imperfections but how do you see your soul in this world?

Changing your language now when you want to go for a walk from - ‘I can’t be bothered to ‘I am going to go for a walk because l know it will make me feel better and l like to feel good.’

Another ‘I have no motivation’ changes to, ‘I know l have no motivation, so l am going to start small because l value myself because l am important.’

Small changes end up becoming big changes.

Value yourself, because the world needs you to be you.

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