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How do you work?

How do you work?

I try to make every Tuesday the day l sit down and write a blog piece.

After l have written l think to myself, ‘wow l have got a week to get the next one day, I’ll try to get it done by Friday!’ Then the next thing that l know l am back at Tuesday thinking, ‘arrrrr l didn’t do it.’

I was talking to a beautiful client yesterday, and we spoke about timing and getting things done.

Some people, work better with a deadline, while others like to get it done straight away.

For me, l am a mix of both. Somethings l like to get done straight away while others, l need a deadline. Certain things that if l don’t get them done straight away l will forget, like paying bills. There is nothing worse than getting that reminder when you think you have paid something and you haven’t.

Then with the admin side of the business, if l don’t schedule the time in my calendar l will continually put it off, then fall way behind.

Is there a difference between leaving it to the last minute and procrastinating or is it the same thing?

Why do we procrastinate?

‘we procrastinate because our self-control and motivation, which might be hindered by factors such as exhaustion and rewards that are far in the future, are outweighed by demotivating factors, such as anxiety and fear of failure.’

So many things and so many reasons come back to fear. We are scared of success, we are scared of failing.

I know need to write my blog piece, it is my choice, it was my decision to add something into my life that scares me. Makes me feel uncomfortable, makes me work outside of my boundaries. Writing puts a little piece of me out into the world, for others to make comments for others to judge.

I remind myself why l do write the blog piece and no matter what l do others will always have a comment, but that’s their problem, not mine.

Tips to help keep you on task;

  1. Find your why as to why you want to do something.

  2. Set a reminder on your calendar or in your phone.

  3. Have a reward at the end once the task is done.

  4. Have a support buddy, someone you can talk through with the task.

Maybe it’s just how you work better, with a deadline and you aren’t procrastinating at all.

Be ok and understand that things will scare you from time to time, it’s how we grow and move forward through life. Always be proud of what you have achieved, every time do you achieve a task you become a little braver than before!

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