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Here I Am 2021

Here l am 2021

As one year rolled into another as the fireworks woke us up on New Year’s Eve, l went about like most setting new goals and targets for myself.

Working through what worked last year, what didn’t, what did l learn, what can l do better, and what would l love to achieve if l had nothing to stop me?

As l started to tick the items off the list, l kept avoiding blog post writing. I kept saying to myself, ‘oh l must not be ready to face that yet?’ I am never afraid to step up for a challenge. My first worlds event in Weightlifting l remember walking on to the platform after my first lift, not being able to breathe and feeling my heart going super fast and wonder what the heck was going on.

Since that day, l have learnt that no matter what how l feel, no matter how fast my heart is pumping, l can still achieve whatever it is that needs to be achieved. Because all that is running through my body is emotion, l am not my emotion.

I keep telling myself, ‘I am not a writer, l am no good at writing a blog post.’ As the story goes.


I don’t have to be a writer, a professional wordsmith.

I am a wife, mother, business owner, trainer, coach, athlete - who has some stories to share. And if one person reads what l write, and can get some benefit from my stories, then l have won.

What will people say - to be honest, l don’t really care, that’s not my problem if someone has an opinion on the way that l write, or the way that l speak or whatever it is that l am doing. At the end, of the day, that is their problem, and may have a few things that they might need to work through themselves.

My goal with my blogs isn’t to make everybody happy, it really is cheap therapy as l head into another decade of living my life. Maybe l should be laying on the couch as l write these bad boys….

There will be grammar mistakes, there may be spelling mistakes, l might use too many commons but if that’s what you are taking from my writing then l believe you are reading the blog all for the wrong reasons.

I am not chasing perfection as l write, l am willing to learn more along the way as l go though. I write to challenge myself, to grow, and to learn.

That is what life is all about making mistakes, learning, growing, and becoming.

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