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5 Simple tips to help you win!

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Tips to win

Steps to help you get back into a winning exercise routine!

It is very easy to set a goal, but making it work well that’s another matter.  Sometimes the that you set can seem so far out of reach that you fail it before you even start.

Here are a few tips to help you get started along the road to kicking goals set out of the park!

Tip 1.

Set a time and a date.

Make an appointment with yourself, like you make an appointment to go to the doctors.  Set a time each day and week, a time that works for you.  Maybe after school drop off or before work.  When making the time, make sure you make it a non-negotiable, no matter what happens, nothing can come before this appointment.

Tip 2.

Have your bag packed and clothes out!

Have everything ready to go, have the bag in the car, or sitting by the door, something less you have to think about.  Also, have your clothes laid out ready to go.  Have the tights or shorts you like to train in, all the way down to your socks that you like to wear.  There is nothing worse than first thing in the morning putting on the wrong socks!

Tip 3.

Have a Buddy.

Have a person that you may train with, or may not train with that with help keep you accountable.  Someone who wants to listen about you moving, about you reaching new goals.  Someone that is supportive and happy for you.  You don’t necessarily have to train with them every day, in fact, it would be better not to rely on meeting someone for a run or a workout.  If your partner cancels or pulls the pin last minute, it’s highly likely you will too.

Tip 4.

Set small goals first.

While it is a great goal to want to run a marathon, start with running the first training km first.  Set small goals, write them down on a list, and tick them off once you have completed them.  There is nothing more satisfying than crossing a goal off that you have achieved.  Or if it is a weight loss goal, be proud of losing the first 500grams and give yourself a high five.  The rest will follow.

Tip 5.

Don’t let motivation drive you.

Be aware that you are not going to be pumped up every day to go smash out one rep max or set new personal bests every day.  Be pumped that you are turning up and giving it your best.  There is so much pressure put on motivation along with expectations.  I often hear in the gym ‘it wasn’t my greatest but I’m glad l came’  Perfect words.  You are the driver of what you decide to put in each session, you have the control, you have control over your emotions and your energy.  You can chose to use it for good or for bad.  You have the choice of how you want to approach or react.

At the end of the day, all it comes down to is how much you really want it.  And what you are willing to put into it to make it work for you.  It is easy to hide behind excuses and to make excuses up.  Are the excuses going to get you to where you want to go or how you want to live?

You do have the power in you to achieve anything, all you have to do is believe in yourself. 

#teamchpt #teamchptSTRONG
Tips in Win

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