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Day by Day

Day by Day

I am getting asked on a regular basis, ‘how are you going?’

Some days it’s good and others not so much.

Running a small business at the moment in the fitness industry, well isn’t really that great!  Yeah you can go online and do the ‘zoom’ sessions but it’s just not the same.

One thing l am learning each day is that my hearing is going, along with my eyesight, from looking at the screen all day!  Or maybe l am just getting old, hehe!

We do live in a great country though.  I believe that the government has been pretty good to us, no matter what politics you believe in.  Have a look at other countries, l believe we are being looked after.

There are grants to apply for, Jobkeeper, Jobseeker, yeah you may have to fill in some forms and be one hold for a while - but look at the outcome.

I posted a quote the other day on our Facebook page -

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin

I keep going back to the quote from Charles because it isn’t how strong or how smart you are, it isn’t because you are the richest or the poorest person in the world - it is your reaction to what the change is, and how you move to embrace the change that is happening.

In the first week of the lockdown being announced, l wasn’t ready, l didn’t want to change.  Mainly because of my poor relationship with the computer.  It’s not my jam, it’s not my jam to sit, to look at a screen.  My jam is to be working with people face to face, listening, not only to the words that are being spoken but also reading their body language as they walk in the gym.  Knowing where my clients are on an emotional level, is a huge part of how l train my client for that day.

And now, for it all to be taken away….  BUT, at the same time, what can you do?  

When l was younger l used to work in bars, nightclubs, etc.  When l was dealing with a drunk person my go-to was ‘you have to choices, the easy way, or the hard way!’  The easy way was to walk away, the hard way was to call security over, and that was never fun.

As l was going through that ‘this isn’t what l signed up for’ - l thought back to the choices that l had - l can either choose the easy way or the hard way.  The easy way this time being, make something work and the hard way, well crying in the corner.

There is not one business owner out there that hasn’t stomped their foot or had a meltdown over the ‘lockdown’.  Mainly because this isn’t what was in the five-year plan, or even the six-month plan that was written out at the start of the year.

Choosing to adopt is the easy way, looking at the cards that you have been dealt, and making them work for you.  I have spoken with other business owners, the first week of lockdown is referred to as ‘Hell Week’  the hardest part was to not knowing.  Not being able to give our valued clients the answers that they were looking for or wanting.

All we can do as their personal trainer and coaches are offer support for that day the only way we know-how.

As we are, maybe drawing to the end of the lockdown - to reflect and look back, the biggest thing l have learned is that it is ok to have a meltdown, it is ok to stomp your foot, but what’s NOT ok, is to let that emotion drive you.  Be smart, and adapt.

At the end of each day, both my husbo and I ask, ‘are the girls happy and healthy?’  If the answer is yes, then we have had a good day - and not every day we answer yes.  If the answer is No, then a good sleep and tomorrow is a new day and we get to try again.

I asked another question about the business, ‘have l done the best with what l have?’  Again somedays its a yes, others well l learned from that and then take the new knowledge into the next day.

Things are always going to go your way, of the way that you have set out or planned - but that’s one of the best parts of life, isn’t it?  And always be careful what you ask for, you will get just no tin the way that you thought it might come…  

How am l going?  Day by day, and making each day a good day…  Well trying too!

Day by Day

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