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My truth about working with a baby at my side...

Work with a baby by your side, it will be fun!

Holy smokes, it was fun, when she didn’t move – then one day l remember it so clearly. I was training with a friend, and she started talking to someone out the front of our old gym. First l thought she was a little crazy, maybe weird – then l saw her. Little Miss S standing there apple in one hand and the biggest smile on her face, proud as punch of what she had achieved!

Miss S was meant to be having the lovely day time nap. The nap where most parents can get everything done, or nap, whichever is needed. But she had climbed out of her cot, climbed onto the bench and grab an apple then came outside. All l thought was ‘my life is over…….’ The most valuable part of the day had just been taken away from me, how could this happen – she was only 18mths!!!!

Then all the fun started…

She would be swinging off the ring when clients needed to use them, great upper body strength but not now. Holding onto the barbell when l was trying to lift, oh, it was cute but man, not now. It wasn’t all horrible there were quite a few cute moments when she would join in with the push ups, or squats.

As Miss S grew, new activities started in her life, for example, bike riding, scooters and so on. Which was great she was developing all the new skills, but not great when she was running over clients hands and cutting them off while they farmers carried.

Then she started to talk, Mum, Mum, Mum so great you can speak, but not now. It was as if she would wait and save all of her words up for when a client walked in. Then hit me with two barrels, with all of her requests and secrets. ‘Really you haven’t spoken to me for the last two hours while we were inside but now, now that l have to work…’

But my favourite of all time is when l asked her to wait and be quiet while l would be in the middle of a client having a huge deep and meaningful – she would keep talking but just with a quieter voice – so softly – Mum, Mum, Mum.

As always when l would give her the attention it would most likely end with ‘l love you Mum’ then she would run off.

Oh my little one.

Reading the social on how wonderful working from home is with your children by your side, and how easy it is, and how easy they make it look.. they all lie, plain and simple #livingmumsbestlife (but that’s Social Media for you, and that’s another blog). Yeah there are moments when it is wonderful, and they listen and they sit up straight, do as they are told. Then there are moments when none of that happens, and you are left trying to look professional while managing a little one, when running a business.

We are very blessed to have some amazing people that come here. One of our members made a comment ‘if they don’t except that you are working with a child in toe, then they shouldn’t come here. It’s part of what you do and a part of who you are!’

I always thought back to that quote. Times where l had no sleep and still had to show up and work, listen to our members talk about their problems and issues, with their kids, all the while l was going through mine. Some days holding back the tears, maybe from exhaustion, maybe from not knowing what to do next with raising the little one. Oh it should be easy, you had already had one. How am l meant to remember how l survived the first one, when l am struggling to remember what day it is! Or maybe just wanting someone to ask how l was going?

Then there where was the days (yes multiple) that l would walk in the house and find the pasta spread all over the floor.. l had a client standing with me at the time and we had to laugh otherwise l would of cried (all while still trying to be professional, remember running a business). And that was the day l knew l needed extra help!

But bless her, she now is off and living her best life at school. My gym is quiet, there is no Mum through the hours of 8.30 to 3.30 – but come 4 o’clock, well there is a day’s worth of words she needs to get in before l finish at 7!

Was it easy – NO! Was it worth it – YES!

It taught me to run fast into the house to change a nappy, it taught me how to program group sessions so they could start or run sections by themselves. It also taught me patience, (maybe l still need some more, so thank you Weightlifting) how to make sure l was looking after myself in regards to nutrition and eating right to have the energy to get through the day.

The biggest lesson of all was that having Miss S at home while l worked was there is no balance, there is structure and routine but not balance. Some days l need to be more of a Mum, or a Wife, or a Business owner, or an Athlete. It isn’t like the Mars Bars ad said, 8 hours work, 8 hours rest, 8 hours play – you learn to roll with it and most importantly grab the cuddles when you can.

Would l do it again, YES, will we be having more kids NOOOOOOOOO!

We have two healthy, amazing little ladies, who l am so proud of, but our work isn’t done with them yet – maybe we will get a puppy!

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