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Live day by day...

What this Corona thing has taught me so far.

You may of heard that there is a virus going around – it’s crazy to think that in the times that we live we have to stay indoors to stay safe. I saw a meme the other day with a Grandma sitting outside, and the grandchild asked, ‘why do you always sit outside?’ Her response, ‘back in my day it was illegal to go outside!’

For me this week, slowing down hasn’t been a bad thing. I am sleeping so well, having little sleep-ins, until 7am, it is giving me time to listen to my body, what is it really saying to me. Most importantly what l have learnt to do, is live day by day.

It is an easy thing to say, ‘live in the moment’! But doing it is another thing. For me living l know l am living in the moment or living each day, l get a free feeling on the inside. My shoulders don’t feel heavy and l walk lighter.

The feeling of being free can easily be mistaken for the feeling of fear.

It is scary, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. It can cause stress in a household, not knowing if bills will be paid, if food can be brought.

On the flip side, it can be so freeing, not having to worry or think about the next day, to not worry about paying the bills until the bills are due.

Talking about money, if you are not working to a budget by now, then get on one – be smart!

This feeling of being free, is something that l chase each day. I know when l am worrying or stressing about something that is out of my control, l can feel it in my body. I know that things will always pop up, challenges that l am yet to face. Knowing what l survived last week, l know l can face anything that comes my way.

There are so many things going on in life at the moment that we cannot control – like people washing their hands. What is true is that we can control the way that we respond. And yes, sometimes it does take a little longer for people to process what is happening, and they might need a little extra support – and that’s okay too.

SpongeBob Square Pants has been saying it all along ‘give zero F*&ks’. I thought that l was living like that, but this virus has really opened my eyes, to show me that l haven’t been.

This is a whole new level.

Sometimes l wonder if the universe was watching how the world was working and thought… ‘Nope this isn’t the way l want the world to work.’ And has made the world shut down and reassess, revaluate, how we live, how we do business, how we show kindness and how we communicate.

I am just as unsure about what’s going to happen next, what the world will look like, how society will act – at the moment the only thing l am sure about is living, day by day. Loving my four walls as much as l can, and being grateful for what l have and I am able to do.

I am very much looking forward to the day of leaning against my Coaching stick and watching people move, face to face!

Stay Safe

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