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Are you wanting to attend Group Classes?

Have you downloaded the Mindbody App for your smart phone? 

Mindbody enables you to search local businesses in your area and book in for classes!

We have integrated this system into our business and would love for any clients/potential members to jump on board. 

It is also super easy to use! All you need to do is take the following steps:

  • Download Mindbody App onto your smart phone  

  • Create & Verify your account

  • Search - Complete Health Personal Training by Bon & Josh...(add us to your favorites so we are easier to find in future)

  • You can now look through our schedule and book into any classes you want to attend! (This helps with numbers, class caps, in before places fill up!)

***Any new clients if you are wanting to use the app this would be fantastic however if it is your first session please contact us first, thank you.

***If you don't have a smart phone worry not, you can still come to classes just flick us a text or email and one of our team will lock you in! Email us here


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