Complete Health



The one question we always ask at Complete Health is: ‘will it make our clients stronger?’ 

Our focus is to make our clients stronger both physically and mentally in a safe environment.

We believe that in providing the sessions on our group timetable we will be able to make our clients stronger and help to achieve the greatness that they desire.


Prefer to train with others? So do a lot of our clients, check out our range of awesome new classes below and for a copy of the latest CHPT timetable please click here

Join our Community

Everyone has different needs, wants and personal goals and we are here to help assist in any way we can. We are there for you from the start to help guide and educate you to reaching your personal best. We don't just worry about you for the time you are training with us; we set homework, goals, nutrition goals and we follow up. 


We help you train for different events and we will be there to help you complete them!! You are not just a face in the crowd, you become part of the Complete Health family! Our personal training sessions come in many different forms to help suit your needs and requirements. We offer 30 minute sessions, 45 minutes and 60 minutes sessions. We tailor the program to you and you alone. 


At Complete Health we have a strong focus on building the relationships and sense of community between our members this includes charity workouts and get togethers, movie nights as well as educational seminars. 


Our sessions have a sense of fun and always have an encouraging atmosphere.