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I found myself avoiding writing this blog post this week. For some reason it was something that l kept putting off, l was finding so many other ‘FUN’ things to do.

When l start to avoid things it means that there is a learning in there that l don’t or l am not ready to adventure upon.

I have been giving a few different opportunities this last fortnight to reflect on how far l am have come in my personal growth. Sometimes you spend all this time working on yourself emotionally and mentally and you have no idea if there is any progress being made or if at all you have grown.

I was giving the opportunity to reflect back on the day l start to value myself.

Running a small business in the service industry it is easy to find yourself being wrapped up in making other people happy. And sad to say forgetting about yourself, forgetting your value, and forgetting your worth.

It is SO easy to put other people before your own self. Everything comes back to fear, the fear of failing, the fear of not being liked, the fear of your small business that you have put your heart and soul into falling apart underneath you.

This was ME, holy smokes, l look back on this and think to myself ‘WOW, you have come so far!’

There was a moment in our small business where l said enough was enough, and l am so grateful for that moment. The moment of growth, the moment that was a real kick in the butt to make myself realise that l do value myself, l do respect the work that l do and l have put a lot into the business and it doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, and my other clients definitely don’t deserve to be disrespected.


I started working with a business/life coach, GAME CHANGER!

He asked me questions, ‘do you value yourself? Do you love yourself?’ and ‘what does that really mean’. My favorite was when there was nothing but silence, and he just waited, he waited for me to be me. He created a safe space, something to this day that l recreate with my clients.

He gave me permission to allow myself to explore the reasons why? Take out the emotion and explore the hurt, explore the reasons why, lean into it - and embrace whatever may come up.

I do live strong to my values and my biggest value is respect. My Dad always taught me ‘you don’t have to like it, just respect it.’

I wasn’t respecting myself, l thought l was.

How can l hold such a high value of respect, when l wasn't walking the walk, just talking the talk? Another moment in growth.

Still to this day l am a work in progress, l guess l always will be because that’s the best part about personal growth, it never stops, nor should it.

Never be afraid to put your hand up and stand up for YOU. Lean into the situation and ask yourself ‘why’.

I am happy to report, after reflecting that l do value myself, l value my work, and l value everyone who comes through our doors. I believe that each and every person is a blessing and it is a true honour that they trust me to work with them mentally and physically.

I know that l am not going to make everyone happy, but do l need to? People will have opinions and that’s ok, they are allowed to. Their opinion is a reflection of themselves not of me. All l can do is show up and be me, and at the end of the day, that’s all l really have to energy for. If that upsets someone or makes someone else talk about me - all l have to say, is that not my business, that it is theirs.

Always remember - You are Valued, You are loved.

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