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Prevention, what are you doing?

Find your joy

I went for a beautiful walk yesterday afternoon with one of my top five!

As we do we discuss many topics, ranging from the growing lawn, to lulu tight and yes my top lady made a really great point that l wanted to share with you all.

We were discussing mental health, not that we have all the answers, my dear friend brought up the following comment; ‘we spend money on car insurance to protect us against anything that could or can happen, can people do the same for mental health!’

We chatted some more.

As my top five continued to explain, ‘why aren’t taught steps to help us before that effects kick in, like in schools, and so on?’

This is such a great point, why is it that people wait until the last minute to get help, or even not even thinking about prevention when it comes to mental health?

What do you do, where do you start?

Everyone talks about filling their cup, the socials are all about self-love and self-care and how important it is. But just liking the post doesn’t mean you are filling your cup, or practising self-love. Can you tell yourself, that you do love and value you for being you?

Try now, was it hard? It can be extremely hard - it’s worth it though.

Self-love comes in many forms not just standing in the mirror looking at your reflection and telling yourself that you love yourself. OOooo but have you tried that?

Here are some tips to help you get started;

  1. Breathwork, you can do mediation, you can simply sit a breathe. Focusing on the breath count, in for four counts, out for four counts. Then when you are ready you can take it to the breath holds for the count of four.

  2. After your breathwork which can be as little as 2-3minutes, writing down 3 things that you are grateful for. They are as little as the sun shining or as big as buying a house - there are no right or wrong answers.

  3. Drink more water - crazy but yet so simple. Why water, a lot of the time we are just dehydrated and need water for our body to function both mentally and physically.

  4. Walk, move more - but hate moving, start with walk 5mins a day, it is what we are designed to do! You never know you might even start to enjoy it!

The important part of all of the above is that you are taking time for yourself, we all have been effect by last years lockdown in some way. Even in ways that we don’t know as yet. It’s not easy to always look for the positives, l know and understand that some times things are allowed to be just plain right poop - that is out of your control. Spend time on things that YOU, not anyone else likes to do, find your joy, find your happy and it flow……

I am not saying that these tips are the answers to solving mental health issues, but l do know that when issues arise having done the tips makes dealing with the problem much easier!

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