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It has taken me 39 years to be me...

I just recently celebrated a Birthday!

It was a great day, and thank you for the HB’s that are coming in and came in!

The first HB to come was from my step Dad, he rang a month early at 7.30 trying to get me before l started work! I wish l started at 7.30, the life of a trainer, we are looking at in the 6’ers and 5s! Then the countdown was on.

My wonderful Mother went around telling everyone that l was turning 40, the big 4 – 0 – ‘yeah she was born in 76…’ Mmm nice work mum; wrong number l was turning and totally wrong year l was born in! It’s so nice to feel loved by loved ones! Mums response was ‘oh good practice for next year then!’

I remember growing up on the farm and Mum would be yelling at one of us lovely children – next thing you hear is the dogs named being thrown in as well, followed with ‘WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS!’

Birthdays are great. I have hit the age where you get food and flowers.


B). I do love flowers too!

Mum has always told me her trick into getting people to comment on how great she looks is to tell them that you are older than what you really are. She tells people she is 72, when she is 68. My kids think she is 110 years old, so she is really looking good!

As l am turning another year older, l tend to get a little emotional as l sit and reflect. I celebrate all that l have achieved for the last year. I sit and wonder where did the time go… well it went into squats, so many squats, and l am still squatting - THANKS Coach!

There is so much focus on hiding your age and how you should look. With all of the cosmetic work you can get done. I had to take the big one to go buy make up the other day! The lady in the shop asked, ‘so you know about contouring?’ ‘Oh yeah…. No l fight with my mascara in the mornings and that’s enough!’ My poor girls… as l have been wearing the same ponytail for two days!

Saying that l don’t take pride in myself, and l have nothing against people who get the work done – it’s just not for me. I have to get this mascara thing sorted first.

I am proud of what my body can do, l put it through hell – daily!

I have cellulite, and wrinkles (or happy lines). This is definitely the thickest l have been, my legs rub together – some days l am comfortable to train without a tee on other days not so much.

I do know that l am not one of the ‘insta’ fitness people, there is no way l would put my bathers bottoms on back to front and take a picture of my bottom and post it! It’s not me, it’s not my style and it doesn’t go with my beliefs of what we should be promoting in the fitness industry. Plus if l did l am pretty sure Barb will pull hers out from the 80s aerobic days and join in the photo…

My biggest achievement in the last few month is that l have stopped drinking alcohol. It really didn’t serve a positive purpose for me and what l want to achieve, as an athlete and as a Mother. It has been a challenge, as we have been to different social events, where there has been wine around. The best thing is that we socialise with great people who out of being kind, ask if l want a drink, and when l have said no, there was no push. I have had clients in the gym who have stopped drinking, and felt blacklisted by friends or had the night of putting up with being pushed into having a drink.

I am not against having others who drink, but when my 5 year old asked why l was drinking wine, l didn’t have a good enough answer. Then the decision was made. I may down the track have a drink or two but for the moment, it doesn’t fit with my lifestyle.

Reflecting back, my 20s weren’t the greatest, l took a few personal hits to life. I am super proud of my 30s with what l have achieved and what l have learnt. Most importantly it has taken me 39 years to be me, to be ok with who l am, with how l look, with how l talk, how l write and so on.

We have an exciting year coming up but what l am most excited about is that l know l won't be hiding behind anything.

I am going to be Me, as Dave said, ‘showing up and being you, none else can do that – and that is powerful!’ I am going stand tall, let people have their opinions, embrace the good with the bad and have as much fun as l can… this is what you do when you are 40 right?

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