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How much are you willing to put in?


Setting goals is the easy part, putting the work in now that’s the hard part.

Writing your goals down on paper makes everything seem so easy, but then when it comes time to do the real steps, it’s not as easy.

The temptation will always be there, the cutting of corners, or the little bit of chocolate, or the short track home from what’s meant to be a 5km run.

How important is it for you to reach the goal?

Is the goal worth you putting all the effort in or just doing half the work?

How are you going to feel when you reach the goal and you have only done half the work? Will you feel fulfilled or will the feeling be ‘oh’ that’s not what l was expecting?

It’s you and only you who can do the work. You can have all the best coaches, trainers, mentors but if you are not willing to put the work in, then what happens on game day? Or what happens when it’s time to weigh in or run that race?

Really who are you accountable to?

None but yourself.

How will you sleep at night, knowing that you could have done more, knowing that you cut corners, knowing that you took the easiest way out, and think is that what l want to be achieving.

We run with the saying in our gym, ‘if it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a no.’ There are no grey areas, or maybe l want or maybe l could. Keep it simple HELL YES or no.

When setting the goal, think about how much time you can put in, think about what you are willing to give.

To achieve something that you have never had before you have to do things that you have never done before. Meaning things will need to change. What are you willing and wanting to change to help you achieve the goals that you set out to do?

Are you willing to give up chocolate to lose the KGS, are you willing to get up earlier to get the KMS in for running, or you willing to live with sore legs as your body gets stronger.

There is no easy way, there is just the way that you need to go to achieve what you need to achieve.

Another thing that l like to do with new clients, is to rate their goals, from 1 to 10. Based on commitment and desire to achieve - anything below a 7 then we need to reassess because the client is setting themselves out to fail because they know they need to change they just don’t want it.

Be proud of what you do achieve, setting a new challenge is easy but following through that’s where the toughness comes in, believe you can and you will!

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