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How far would you go to protect a loved one?

Protecting loved ones.

There is so much craziness going on in the world at the moment.  Is the information we receiving true?  Or is it not?  

The health authorise are learning daily more and more about the virus.  When we are learning new about new things or even a new skill we are going to make mistakes.  It’s how we learn, its how we learn not to do things, or we learn that that’s not the way to go - across it off the list.

If we don’t try new things or new ways, we will never know if it is the right or wrong way.  But we need to be open to learning and trying new things.

I don’t have the answers, l talk to clients daily, and we when up looking at each other saying ‘l just don’t know.’

I just don’t know what the future holds, l just don’t know when the lockdowns, restrictions will be over, l know if we will go into stage four. 

BUT, what l do know, is that l myself will be doing everything in my power not to be part of the spread.

My biggest fear isn’t losing the business, money comes and goes.  My biggest fear is having a loved one catching it and not being there to hold them.  Not being there for one of my kids, holding their hand, telling them that they are loved and valued.

Telling my child that they are one of the best things to have ever happened in my life and that they saved me.  Not being able to brush my child’s hair back as they cry in pain, as they cry with fear.  The fact the if my child gets the virus, they will be in a hospital BY THEMSELVES without us, without their parents, without their rocks without anything that is familiar to them.

Yeah, l can see them through a screen, or through a window.  But these are our babies, these kids are the reason why we do what we do.

My husband and l both work hard.  We don’t work hard to buy nice things, or to have the latest on what’s trending.  We work hard to keep our children, feed, safe, warm and to give them the best start in their life that we can.

We believe our children are our legacy to this world.  It’s our job as parents to raise our ladies with respect, showing kindness and most importantly not to be a tool.

We explain to our ladies about what is happening in the world and they just don’t understand why people don’t do as they as asked.  ‘Mum it’s keeping everybody safe, why don’t other people want to help keep others safe?’  asks the little one. 

I don’t have an answer for her.  I don’t understand, why people don’t want to keep loved ones safe.  Surely most people have others in their lives that they love, that they don’t want to see unwell or get hurt.

As a Trainer, my clients put their health and wellbeing in my hands.  I see this as an honor and always have.  Trusting your life in someone else hands is a major thing.  My clients are trusting that l am going to do the right thing by them.

For me as a parent, l know that l will be doing everything to help keep my children safe, my husband safe.  They are my life, they are my why, they are my four walls.

If it means that l have to wear a mask, then that is much better than having to chop my arm off to help save a life.  If it means that l have to stand 1.5m away from a person in the supermarket, so l don’t have to watch my child through a screen fighting in ICU, then holy smokes its a no brainer.

If it means that l have to sanitiser my hands when l walk into a shop, or the supermarket then l am going too.  These little things are putting me out, they aren’t hurting me, they aren’t upsetting me because l am doing all of these things to protect my loved ones.

So l ask you, how far would you go if a loved one was sick?  Would you across the ends of the earth?  Would you walk over hot coals?  Would you donate a kidney?  Then is sanitising your hands that bad, or wearing a mask?

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