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I recently competed in an online Weightlifting Competition.  And as l do before each comp, l get a little edgy you could say….

I get to the point l can feel my body tensing up, l am short with my answers, and l need to get out of the house.

For me, l crave nature when l get like this.  I crave trees, green, and water.  I don’t know why l am not a beach person, maybe it has something to do with the sand.

I need to go and be ‘grounded’ again.  I love to find some grass, take my shoes off, and walk barefooted.  I love the feeling of grass between my toes, l love the smell of the air, and l love looking at the green grass.

I also love to go and sit, sit down and look up at the blue sky, look at the clouds, and watch them pass by.

Being in the park, or being near a running river/creek, brings me back to being centered again.  It relaxes me, it helps me to clear my mind of what is to come and what l need to do for a comp.

Not only does it relax me, but it is also a huge reminder of how great our world is, and what really is important.  It’s one of the only times that l don’t think about the comp, about weightlifting it’s one of the only times l am truly present in a lead up.

Although there hasn’t been much scientific research done into grounding, some say that when you reconnect with the earth, it slows down your nervous system, slowing the release of cortisol.

Others also believe that being grounded you reduced inflammation in your body.  Now, l am not sure if this is true, but let’s take a moment to have a think about it.

Taking the time to step out of your shoes, to stand or to sit, to breathe deeply.  To be in the present moment, basically to slow everything down for a moment in time.  Wouldn’t it have the same effect as mediation?

Having a calming experience, breathing, being present now that has to have a positive effect on the body.  Switching from a flight or fight mode, back into a state of flow, where the world seems to be a lot nicer place, and not everything is so overwhelming.

For me, grounding has a hugely positive effect on me mentally, and that’s enough of a positive for myself to continue to use it.  Leading up to a comp, it is just perfect!

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