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Busy, but why?


Busy, but why?

used to think that being ‘busy’ all the time gave me merit or credit for l am still to this today unsure of.

I used to think being ‘busy’ was a way of life.

I used to think that being ‘busy’ was a cool thing and that everyone noticed.

I used to think that being ‘busy’ was the only way to be.

I was wrong, l was wrong in so many ways.

Being busy is a horrible thing.

Now, in fact, it is something that l try to avoid.

Being busy to me, means that l have no time for anything else but work. And that all that matters is work and nothing else.

What l have learnt over the years, is that is it ok to rest, it is ok to stop and it is ok not to work around the clock.

Not running at a million miles an hour doesn’t take away from my work ethic, it didn’t mean that l don’t take my work seriously, it doesn’t mean that l have to do everything in one day.

None else can actually see how busy you really are, none really knows what you get up to day by day. Only if you tell them and then if you tell them you are only wanted them to know, then what are you really gaining from that?

A lot of people lead a busy life, not just people who run small businesses. Every day people have something going on something that needs to be done, rushing here, rushing there - people do have different priorities though. What is important to one may not be important to another. That doesn’t mean that they are living life the wrong way, just means that they are on a different path than you.

Think about the word ‘busy’, when l think about it, l think out of control, a beehive, lots of buzzing here and there. That is something that l wish not attract into my life.

My days are solid, but l am also ok with turning the computer off at a certain time, spent time on breathing, taking a moment to stop and play a game with my kids. Stepping away from the business.

Once l learnt that is ok to not move so quickly through my day, l started to enjoy life, work, family so much more. Whatever needs to be done will get done, when l get to it. I still have a strong work ethic, l still love to work but l don’t let it define me anymore - why because l value myself. Do you value yourself?

I value my family, l value the time we have together.

And to be honest, at the end of the day none really cares how busy you are, only you. Unless you reward yourself by it, then what’s the point.

I will ask you this, ‘what are you missing out on, being so busy?’

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