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Be prepared for anything...

Let’s talk money…

There are so many memes out there, follow your passion, do what you love, don’t let money control your life and so on….

To be super honest with you all, l stress about money all the time!

I run a small business, l don’t just hang out at home, l have targets to hit, l have a budget l need to follow. Some weeks the budget is hit by Tuesday others by Friday night. Two clients cancel in one day and l stress that the door will have to close, not over reacting at all.

Money is in our lives, it has to be!

I feel like in many working groups it doesn’t get spoken about enough. I have been in networking groups, where people just flat out lie and say, ‘oh yeah, l don’t worry about money.’

I believe money needs to be respected, if you don’t respect money then you don’t value it – if you don’t value it… then well, l am not quite sure.

Running the business has been a real eye opener, as to what is important to people when it comes to the dollar. Clients have cancelled due to lack of the funds, which l totally get, you really should feed your family – but then you see them later, or they come back and tell you what they have been up too, and what they have brought, or are waiting on to be delivered.

If you really and truly want something you will find the money – it’s the priority in what the person will give it.

When people say ‘I don’t work for money..’ I often wonder what they think when they pay their bills, or a surprise bill comes in the mail… Mmmm Glad you’re not working for money now?

I posted on our business page the other day in regards to supporting small business in the local area. The comments l received, ‘oh are you guys having trouble?’ and ‘people must be cancelling you must not be doing so well!’

The post wasn’t about building our gym up, is was to let others know that other people run small business’s – and man l know what it’s like to have to find money for bills, when people cancel or are away and so on.

I really do love what l do, but l also really love knowing that when l bill comes in l know it's sorted.

It all goes back to what you can and can’t control – l can’t control people being away, or being sick, that’s a part of life – but what l can control is where l choose to spend and put my money. Money that l have earnt through working hard every day, and providing the best service l know how.

For me running a small business means to be prepared for anything, cash flow comes and goes, it isn’t the same every week – but if l am smart and don’t buy all the lululemon, the business will survive.

Will l stop stressing about it? Most likely not, l feel this is how our relationship is – the old love/hate. I think if l stopped stressing or placing an emotion on money, l will lose the respect for it.

Money will always come and go…

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