You come and you lift... you will learn the correct technique in lifting with a barbell.


It is a slow session, a time to ask questions on how to move your body safely while learning to become stronger. 


In addition to barbell work we incorporate carries, pushes and drags all in an effort to get stronger for everyday. 

This session is great for anybody looking to get generally stronger as well as providing technique assistance to more complex movement patterns.

CHPT iBreathe.jpg

Looking to raise your heart rate and get your sweat on? Then iBreathe is the perfect session for you.  


In this session we're looking to build a foundation of fitness, so that the stairs aren't daunting and won't leave you out of breath when you get to the top. 

Utilising a range of low / no impact machines we can raise your heart rate whilst not placing extra pressure on joints or your back.  

You'll leave with a sweat and a smile.


In iMove you will do just that, move!  


The sessions are designed to cover off on all elements of fitness whilst enjoying the company of others.

We have a high priority on safe movements that will maximise results for your effort.  


We spend time every session covering of technique and provide specific focus points for each session.